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Advantages of using a mystery shopping tool for evaluating customer experience

How does a service brand control its quality across all the branches and franchises? What is the way to bring an even tone in the customer service segment? Defining customer experience can be a tough job unless you are fitting yourself in their shoes. This is where the term ‘mystery shopping’ enters the business strategy.

In general terms, mystery shopping is a method of self-evaluation where a service branch of a restaurant, bank, retail store, etc takes a test unknowingly. A mystery shopper is hired to check on the predetermined parameters to evaluate the customer experience in the aforementioned business branches.

The advantage of a mystery shopping platform

What does that mystery shopper use? How can the entire process be even as a big brand will not hire a single mystery shopper? These fundamental questions can be answered when we consider a mystery shopping platform.

As the name suggests, this platform is designed by a service provider offering exclusive and customizable options to set the mystery shopping parameters right. Business-specific parameters are chosen and developed according to the survey requirements. Based on the data generated by the shopper across the service branches of a business, a data-driven report is prepared to deliver deeper insights.

The advantages of using such a platform are mentioned below.

1. Unbiased report generation

A brand’s performance is an intangible entity that can only be measured using a well-defined protocol. This protocol can be set and maintained by using a unique platform with the parameters all set on the right track.

The unbiased opinion from the mystery shopper according to the questions provides an accurate picture of the customer experience a business is delivering throughout its service branches.

2. Meeting the standards

Consider these parameters as an example. A restaurant is checking its shopping experience through the following parameters and calculating the standards.

  • Greeting customers
  • Assisting customers in finding the right item to order
  • Waiting time
  • Ambiance factors such as interior decoration, lighting, temperature, etc
  • Response time and many more

Based on these parameters, a mystery shopping program is designed to audit the level of customer experience. A questionnaire is defined with certain questions that match the above-mentioned parameters. It helps a mystery shopper to answer the questions and rate the service factors. It makes the process more clarified and easy to comprehend.

3. Focusing on particular domains of service

Using a well-formatted digital platform will enable one to focus on checking the performance of particular domains of customer service and experience. It also allows us to identify the underlying issues and work on them to elevate the service level and meet customer expectations.

Wrapping up

From locating potential hazards to elevating the customer experience, mystery shopping is the need of the hour. Using an online tool makes the process of mystery shopping more productive. It streamlines the differences in thoughts of mystery shoppers and concludes the issues with data-driven reports. The real-time experience will assist a service provider to gain knowledge and redesign its service strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

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