The importance of mystery shopping for restaurants  

Restaurants can operate as multi-location dine-in, quick-service, and fast serve providers. Regardless of the channel of operation, consumers engage with restaurants in so many ways, from mobile apps to drive-thru and take-out. As there are several customer touchpoints, it is essential to learn what drives customers to restaurants and gain insights into the multi-channel experiences...CONTINUE READING

Why Invest in LumiShare?

INTRODUCTION   Before getting into the specifics of why LumiShare might stand out from the pack as a  crypto investment opportunity in 2023, it’s important to first rewind to the beginning of our  project’s journey… and to answer the bigger-picture WHY?…   LumiShare derived its initial spark of inspiration from the historical Gold Standard. It was the...CONTINUE READING
Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools For Social Media

Competitor analysis tools for social media are a great way for businesses to stay close to the competition, enabling them to better understand their industry, track their competitors’ performance, and stay ahead of the curve.  Using these tools, companies can gain deep insight into their competitors’ strategies, activities, and performance. This will facilitate them being...CONTINUE READING
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