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Advantages Of Gift Certificates And Gift Vouchers For Online Retailers

Using digital gift cards and vouchers is a highly efficient way to drive sales on an eCommerce site. For store owners, it’s an efficient approach to increase the number of products they provide and attract new clients; for consumers, it’s an uncomplicated way to get answers to difficult gifting questions. Additionally, the COVID-19 epidemic has dramatically boosted the gift voucher business. Customers and eCommerce sites have welcomed digital gift cards due to their adaptability and simplicity. From 2020 to 2024, it is anticipated that the market for gift vouchers online and cards will expand by 527.11 billion USD.

At the same time, the payment processor Incomm discovered that the epidemic had triggered a significant rise in online gift card sales, with the number of cards bought online skyrocketing 57% compared to the first half of 2019 in the first six months of this year. Similarly, data conducted by Blackhawk Network indicated that sales of gift vouchers purchased online had increased by 21% this year. The following are some of the important reasons why eCommerce retailers must consider including gift cards and vouchers as part of their eCommerce sales strategies:

They Incentivise Consumers To Make Larger Financial Investments

Customers often spend more than the value of gift certificates, even though the cards are preloaded with a predetermined amount of money. A little less than two-thirds of people who get gift cards spend an average of 38 per cent greater than the value of the cards they were given.

Gift cards are a handy instrument for bringing in new clients and consumers. When a consumer buys a gift card for someone else, they are essentially introducing your business to a new audience that has the potential to become devoted customers in the future. Everyone comes out ahead in this scenario. According to a study by first data, 44% of respondents are more inclined to frequent a business due to obtaining a gift certificate.

They Result In Lower Rates Of Return

Customers may ensure that the people they give gift cards get what they desire by giving them gift cards. Because of this, the possibility of refunds or exchanges will be significantly reduced. Last-minute consumers will find that purchasing digital gift cards is the most convenient alternative. The purchaser of a digital gift card has the ability, with the press of a button, to instantly transmit the gift card to the individual to whom it is meant.

They Are An Effective Method Of Advertising

Gift certificates are an excellent marketing tool that can be used across various digital channels to encourage new customers to make purchases. They also provide a chance to build closer ties with previous clients using various incentive techniques. They are an alternative for a present that is risk-free and keeps you at a social removal. Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, digital gift cards are an excellent contactless gift alternative to consider. The purchasers may do so without leaving the convenience and security of their own homes, and the receivers can use them to make online purchases.

They Are The Ideal Supplement For Multichannel Marketing Tactics

Retailers who do not provide customers with a consistent experience throughout the digital and physical spheres will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. The omnichannel experience can only function properly with the use of digital coupons. You should consider developing a voucher program that can be redeemed in several channels after purchase.


Gift vouchers online are a simple but effective tool to promote your company and boost income. In addition, vouchers are an ideal option for any viable retail product or service. In addition, they provide customers with the much-needed freedom to make purchases during times of uncertainty, which is another benefit. Generally speaking, gift cards are a tool that is beneficial all around for companies that wish to increase client engagement and loyalty while also attracting new consumers.

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