How to Explain what sitcom featured the popular line, “up your nose with a rubber hose”? to Your Mom

I’d love to think that this was a classic line from the late 1960s or early 1970s, but I can’t remember it, and that’s probably because I never paid attention in those days.

I doubt this is a line from a sitcom, but I found this old clip where an actor is trying to deliver a line that would have made him the butt of many jokes. The guy starts with two rhymes: “up your nose with a rubber hose” and “up your nose with a rubber hose” and the joke is that he’s trying to make the audience laugh while his nose is stuck in his face.

this clip is from a 1960s sitcom, but the line is probably from something like that, like The Andy Griffith Show or maybe The Brady Bunch. I think its called “up your nose with a rope.” It is like the line that started that show, but instead of a rubber hose, it was a rope.

I have to give the folks back in my office credit for finding this clip in a Google image search. I have no idea why the internet would have been so silent on this one. I’ve always wondered if the people who make those funny comments are not actually laughing.

I’ve been wanting to find this for a long time, and now I know I’ve found it. The line is a bit old, but it’s still hilarious. The “up your nose with a rubber hose” line was used in The Andy Griffith Show in its original “Up Your Nose” segment, but the line is from the show’s pilot episode.

I have a few favorite things that I can’t remember seeing as a kid, but its always a favorite. The fact that I had a rubber hose up my nose from that moment on was just one of them.

The rubber hose line is quite a common line from the show, but its so often used in a comedic way that its difficult to find a picture of it without just seeing the line from the pilot. My favorite thing about the line comes from the fact that it was used in a scene where Andy and Phil are fighting to the death and Phil is choking on the rubber hose.

Andy in the show was a fairly good kid who was also a bit of a jerk. He was always willing to use his nose to make friends and stuff so he was not a fan of others using their noses to get their way. Phil on the other hand, is the most passive aggressive of the three. He is definitely the one who gets the hose.

This is probably the most famous line from any sitcom, and it is the reason Andy and Phil fight. However, it is from a relatively short-lived TV show that existed in the very early ’90s, so it may seem dated today.

The character of Will Smith is one of the most interesting characters in the series. He was the second main character of the first series (and it was the first time that he was ever cast), and also the first to come from a big corporation. He has a much more advanced sense of humor than Phil, but he’s also a fun character and can be a great villain.

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