Reasons Why Businesses Use Password-Protected Pdfs

There are many reasons why businesses use password-protected PDFs. They’re a great way to keep contracts confidential, comply with regulatory requirements, and share information with partners or associates. However, there’s one reason that trumps all others: they’re an excellent way to keep unauthorized users from accessing sensitive documents by brute force attacks on their passwords....CONTINUE READING
Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools For Social Media

Competitor analysis tools for social media are a great way for businesses to stay close to the competition, enabling them to better understand their industry, track their competitors’ performance, and stay ahead of the curve.  Using these tools, companies can gain deep insight into their competitors’ strategies, activities, and performance. This will facilitate them being...CONTINUE READING
social media

How to introduce yourself on social media?

You’ve developed a connection with a prospect countless times. But how can you find potential clients online? You’ve certainly established various techniques for striking up conversations with prospective clients. And none of those conversations begin with, “I’m selling,” if you’ve had even little success in sales. Social media networks provide communication options that you can...CONTINUE READING
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