Accessories To Spice Up Your Look

Korean fashion is quickly influencing the mass. With K-pop groups like BTS and Blackpink gaining more popularity in the west, trends have also been set. Thanks to the influence of Korean and western artists, different trends and fashion statements have popped up during the year. Though it can cost quite a bit to look fashionable, that isn’t always the case. Shopping doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can get great brands at low prices as long as you know the right timing. Shop during black Friday to get big discounts, sales, and promos, just like the Michael Kors Black Friday deals. As the year 2022 ends, let us go back with some of the trends and accessories to spice up your look.  


One of the most convenient ways to accessories is by using a bag. Not only will the bag add some spice to your look, but you also get to have somewhere to place your things.  Unlike before, the bags that are in today are not just classy ones; tote bags also had the spotlight. That’s right; we brought back the trend from the 1950s. 

Many people, especially teenagers, used tote bags to match their everyday looks. They love this bag since it can fit a lot of things. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Do you need to go to school but still want to look fashionable? A tote bag can fit your notebooks, books, headphones, water bottle, and even your laptop. Tote bags are very convenient and look especially good on an indie aesthetic and k-fashion.

Headbands and hair clips

One of the aesthetics that popped up this year is the soft girl aesthetic. One of the ways people with soft girl aesthetics do to spice up their look is by adding a headband or wearing hair clips. The good thing about these is they serve a double purpose. Not not only do they look cute, but they also keep your hair in place and out of your face. Pastel colors help soften your look, while dark colors with simple designs make you look classy. 

Necklaces and rings

If you want to really add some spice to your look, then definitely throw in some rings and necklaces. You can try stacking up rings and necklaces. Whether you are going for a classy and powerful look or just some street, cool, young vibes, stacking necklaces and rings is a must. But be careful when you are doing this; make sure that they match, or they look messy in a good way. You also would want to wear the color that matches your skin tone, so do not just randomly mix or wear gold ad silver without knowing which one matches you. If you have limited necklaces and rings, you can just use one or two rings. You do not always have to stack them up. The number of necklaces and rings depends on you and what vibe you are going for. 


If you are going for rough, ragged, or streetwear vibes, then consider adding chains to your outfit. Simple chains can add much more to your look. You can hook them on your pants or skirt, use them as a belt or even put them on your face or hair. Many Kpop idols with a girl crush or bad boy concept use chains to add details to their look. 

Waist beads or waist chains

Now that low-rise jeans are coming back, it is time to bring back the waist chains and beads. They may look plain, but once you add them to your low-rise jeans, they will look amazing. The low-rise jeans, crop top, and waist chain combo will definitely make a lot of heads turn. 

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