3 Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps

These is the top 3 with the best betting applications to bet on the Spanish market and your names will not surprise you at all: Codere and Sportium.

The top 3 betting applications for the Spanish market

Practically all betting operators have an APP, however, there are few that manage to do things exceptionally well, we tell you everything you need to know about the 3 most interesting and the best sports betting app available in the App Store of Spain

Codere bets offer a very good balance

It is an application that is as well designed as the main web platform, it allows us not only to watch broadcasts of live sporting events but also gives us access to the casino and a series of very interesting complementary experiences. Its Achilles heel is the consumption of resources, especially battery and 4G data, however, if we use it from a Wi-Fi connection, it has no competitor.

Sportium the APP of the operator on the rise

This operator began its ascent to the select group of the big ones thanks to its ability to reinvent itself all the time, however, when it launched its APP it showed what it is made of and was able to provide us with a first-rate experience with the best economy of resources in the world. market. Their strength, in addition to betting, is the live roulette that they developed exclusively for them. A small achievement that is worth being on this list.

Luckia is an app specializing in casino betting

Luckia is a platform of Spanish origin, among the best sports betting apps, it is highly respected in this country for its great available offer and its best betting odds. This online casino has the availability of more than 200,000 live events and offers sports broadcasts through the Luckia TV option so that its users can feel the adrenaline of the matches and be aware of their bets from the comfort of their favorite place.

From the mobile application, you can make simple bets, combined, in live matches or pre-match. You can also play live roulette at the casino 24 hours a day. Through the notifications of the mobile app you will be able to find out about the latest promotions and discover events that you can attend. Another feature to highlight on this platform is that you can manage your profile just like on the website, make deposits and request withdrawals from the payment method of your choice, and find the closest available Luckia stores to your location.

How to choose a good betting APP?

In reality, there are many criteria that we can take into account, but I am going to give you the top 3 that should give you good clues as to whether you are dealing with a first-rate APP or a botched one:

1. Interface and ease of use: 

An application should under no circumstances be difficult to use, in fact, it should simplify the experience that we regularly have on the web platform. The user experience is always a determining factor, if the APP is complicated by default, it is bad.

2. Live broadcasting: 

It used to be a novelty, but now all the big ones in Europe incorporate a service for broadcasting live sporting events, here what you should keep in mind is not only the variety and quality of the games they offer you but above all, the voracity of the algorithm when it comes to consuming data and battery.

3. Payment options: 

A well-built application is capable of accepting payments and making withdrawals. It supposes an extra layer of engineering and shielding of your data, but that is what it is about, it is a function that only the largest can provide you and that will save you a lot of time.

Essential points to consider when choosing a betting platform

The first thing you should keep in mind to choose the best sports betting apps is that you should investigate very well that the platform you want to go to is reliable and endorsed by the gaming section of the country to which it corresponds. After having confidence in the security of the platform, you will begin to compare some important points of each one so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, such as:

  • The design of the app
  • ease of use
  • The available list of games
  • The available market for betting odds
  • The availability of live streaming

How do we download an APP on our phone?

In reality, it is quite simple if we are lucky enough to operate with IOS, however, if we are in an Android situation, things will be a little more complicated. I’ll explain, the point is that Google has banned all betting and gambling applications from its website and that’s why we’ll have to do some extra pirouettes.

If we have an iPhone or iPad we will simply have to search for the APP in the official App Store, touch the icon and wait for the download and installation process to finish. If we have Android we will have to download the *.APK file directly from the operator’s website, customize our security settings and do a manual installation.

The process to download any mobile casino app is really quite simple and self-explanatory. All the platforms on their main page have the information that is available at any time of the best sports betting apps and if you have any questions, you can also contact the betting provider you are using.

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